Southeastern University reports results of health services research (Integrated medical insurance system alleviates difficulty of using interregional health care for migrant parents in China – evidence of the dynamics of Chinese migrants …): Health and medicine – Research on health services

2021 OCT 15 (NewsRx) – By a Journalist-Staff News Editor at Daily Insurance News – New research in health and medicine – Health services research is the subject of a report. According to reports by Jiangsu, People Republic of China, by NewsRx reporters, the research said: “Many internal migrants during the process of urbanization in China are migrant parents, the group of elderly people who move to urban areas to support their families against their will. They are more vulnerable economically and physically than young migrants.

News correspondents obtained a research citation from Southeastern UniversityHowever, the fragmentation of rural and urban health insurance schemes divided by the ‘hukou’ household registration system limits migrants’ access to health services in their place of residence. Some counties have started to consolidate the Basic medical insurance for urban residents (URBMI) and the Nouveau Régime Médical Coopératif Rural (NRCMS) into a single Integrated Medical Insurance Scheme (IMIS) from 2008. The consolidation aimed to reduce the disparity between the different schemes and increase the use of health care. health by migrants. Using the sample of inpatients of migrant relatives from Dynamic survey on migrants in China in 2015, we used ordinary least squares (OLS) for the regression models. We found that migrant parents covered by the MIS are more likely to choose inpatient services and seek medical treatment in the migrants’ destination. We further subdivide the non-IMIS into NCMS and URBMI in the regression to remove any doubt about the endogenous. The results revealed that migrant parents from IMIS use more local medical services than the two from URBMI and NCMS.

According to reporters, the research concluded: “The potential mechanisms of our results could be that GIS alleviates the difficulty of seeking medical care in migrants’ destinations by improving the convenience of reimbursing medical expenses and improving the benefits of Health Insurance.

For more information on this research, see: Does the integrated health insurance system alleviate the difficulty of using interregional health care for migrant parents in China– proof of China dynamic survey on migrants. BMC Health Services Research, 2021; 21 (1): 1053. BMC Health Services Research reachable at: Bmc, Campus, 4 rue Crinan, London N1 9XW, England. (BioMed Central –; BMC Health Services Research

Our journalists point out that additional information can be obtained by contacting Chao Ma, Southeastern University, School of Economics and Management, Nankeen, Jiangsu, People Republic of China. Additional authors of this research include Shutong Huo and Hao chen.

The direct object identifier (DOI) for this additional information is: This DOI is a link to an electronic document online that is free or to purchase, and can be your direct source for a journal article and its citation.

Contact details of the journal editor BMC Health Services Research is: Bmc, Campus, 4 rue Crinan, London N1 9XW, England.

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