New Hampshire now lends assistive technology device, Toothbrush Pillow

Five-step diagram for using a toothbrush pillow;  1. Remove brush from holder, 2. Lay brush flat, 3. Apply toothpaste without mess, 4. Brush teeth, 5. Return brush to holder

How to use the toothbrush pillow chart

Five features of the toothbrush pillow;  balancer, non-slip, compact size, sanitation and dishwasher safe

Features of the toothbrush pillow

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Toothbrush pillow HSA and FSA eligible medical device


CONCORD, NH, USA, Jan. 19, 2022 / — In New Hampshire, The Granite State, acquiring the right equipment, technology and tools to help people with neurological disabilities or physical can often be part of life’s challenges. Now, a state agency is making it easier to order a working device online or in a store to make your life easier and ensure that when you bring the device home, it will work as advertised.

According to, 3% of New Hampshire adults have an independent living disability and 7% have an independent living disability. There’s new hope for New Hampshire with crippling health issues like Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis or the loss of limb from inventor and entrepreneur Anthem Pleasant thanks to a small device called Toothbrush Pillow.

“The toothbrush cushion rests on a counter and securely holds and balances the toothbrush while the person applies toothpaste. It makes a daily routine task easier using just one hand,” says Pleasant. “It’s a small, inexpensive device that helps people maintain good oral health.
“Best of all, the toothbrush pillow can be demonstrated at home or used on a short-term loan before purchasing the device for free,” says Pleasant.

Home demonstrations are available through a government-sponsored program called Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP), administered by the US Department of Health and Human Services. HHS works through various state agencies that work closely with individual users affected by disabling conditions.

In New Hampshire, Pleasant said, the device was placed in the state’s Advanced Technology (AT) Demonstration Center. The process to get a demo or device loaner is to go to ATINNH.AT.4ALL, add an item to cart, fill out a quick form, and someone will contact you. We worked with New Hampshire, Institute on Disability program coordinator Jay Wilson to get the toothbrush pillow into inventory.

ATinNH publishes a quarterly newsletter, Vision and Voice, which highlights assistive technology ideas and updates to their program. Additionally, ATinNH has created a few accessibility webinar series to help individuals learn how to design, create, and produce products for as many people as possible to use; both those living with and without disabilities. Here is an excerpt from the New Hampshire Assistive Technology Program:

Assistive Technology New Hampshire (ATinNH) The Institute on Disability is the lead agency for New Hampshire’s statewide assistive technology program: Assistive Technology in New Hampshire, or ATinNH. The mission of the Vermont Assistive Technology Program is to support the full access and integration of Vermonters with disabilities and aging-related needs into education, work, and their communities.

Assistive technology (AT) is an integral part of everyday life for many New Hampshire residents. TA at the IOD focuses on three main objectives: expanding access to assistive technology demonstrations and loans; increase the reuse of assistive technology equipment; and providing training and education opportunities.

The goal is for all 56 AT locations (50 states, four US territories, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) to soon feature the toothbrush pillow as part of their local assistive technology programs.

Pleasant says the toothbrush pillow is available on Amazon and website direct. “But having it demonstrated at home by an occupational therapist before purchase gives the user more confidence that the device will work for them.”

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