Neleber Brings Transformative School Health Services Leadership to Branford

Pam Neleber most recently served as Health Services Coordinator with Guilford Public Schools and can now apply her transformative management model to her new role as Director of Health Services with Branford Public Schools (BPS). Photography: Pam Johnson/The Sound

“I’m not going to ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do. It’s collaborative. It’s part of nursing.

Pam Neleber is the kind of transformative management model she modeled for nurses and care aides as Health Services Coordinator with Guilford Public Schools (GPS) and plans to usher in her new position as Principal health services with Branford Public Schools (BPS).

Pam appears to be ready to work with BPS in her new location with the start of the county’s 2022-23 school year.

“I have to collaborate and see if I can deliver something to them in the office,” Pam says. “I love academic nursing and prevention is a part of that, so I’m comfortable doing my bit at Branford.”

As defined in the temporary position posted at the time of the District Supervisor’s decision, “…The primary duty of the Director of Health Services is the management and supervision of nurses in the university and university-based health facilities for Branford Public Colleges (SBHC). The director provides management, instruction, planning, coordination, implementation and analysis of the general health program of the faculty in collaboration with the administration of the university, the medical director of the district and the services state and indigenous health. The director will work within district health insurance policies and state and federal statutes, laws and insurance policies.

Among her nursing roles, Pam was a National College Registered Nurse (NCSN) for a few years with BSN and RN. She is currently continuing her nursing education and is on track to complete it in the spring of 2023.

Pam’s college nursing career began 13 years ago as a Nursing Assistant with GPS. Pam and her husband, Scott, married in 1986 and moved from North Haven to Guilford in 1999. The couple raised their two children, son Joey and daughter Jaime, in Guilford.

Pam worked with Anthem Blue Cross / Blue Defend for 11 years before she started breastfeeding. She went to night school at Quinnipiac College to become a nurse.

“I always wanted to be a nurse,” says Pam, remembering when she was a little girl telling her grandmother that was what she wanted to do.

After earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Pam’s first job as a nurse was in the intensive care unit at Yale-New Haven Hospital. She worked as a nurse in a health care provider‘s office when her children were younger. She began appearing as an academic nurse at Baldwin Center College in Guilford in 2009.

Pam says she immediately realized she liked the half.

“Everyone was so comfortable! It was an exquisite atmosphere.

When a facility opened three years later, Pam became a college nurse at Baldwin, and for the next six years served in the city’s 5th Sixth Division. She oversaw the nursing needs of her freshmen. Then another place opened up that Pam thought she couldn’t move.

“My former supervisor was retiring after 18 years. This is a job offer that does not usually appear.

Pam applied for the position of GPS Nurse Supervisor in 2018 and was promoted. Over the years, she placed high expectations on the work she would oversee and build, as well as the auxiliary nursing and health care workers. She also presented her perspective as the former president of the university nurses’ union.

Pam says the value that faculty nurses add to their buildings and the college district is a critical contributor to student success and academic achievement.

“I always say, ‘Students can’t be taught if they don’t look healthy.’ It’s a big part of academic nursing.We’re here to help educate children, their families, and their academics.

Walking the formidable line of supervising her employees and elevating their efforts to excellence, while understanding and championing her needs, was a journey Pam learned to navigate.

“You have to work with each other,” says Pam. “Although we are in many buildings, I am part of your team. I will defend you.

As a college nurse, “…you want to have a very stable talent set in your assessments in order to be all for the kids that are available.”

Pam says she will always do her best to champion the vital work of all academic nurses in the state. After earning her master’s degree, Pam’s goal is to advance the college nursing specialty by assisting government affairs with the Connecticut College Nurses Affiliation (CNA).

“Our job description for college nurses in Connecticut hasn’t been updated since 1982. So advocacy on the state stage is certainly key, because that’s how procedures change,” says Pam. “[CNA] it must also certify faculty nurses as a future chance. This is something I insist on; since you are only as strong as your nurses. We owe it to the children. »

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