Free health services if PAA wins 2022 Punjab elections: Kejriwal

Free health services if PAA wins 2022 Punjab elections: Kejriwal

Sep 30, 2021: Free health services if PAA wins 2022 Punjab elections: Kejriwal

National coordinator of the Aam Aadmi party Arvind Kejriwal Thursday announced the “second list of pre-election pledges” at an event in Ludhiana, Punjab ahead of the assembly elections early next year. Kejriwal has promised free health care for all residents of Punjab if the AAP is elected to power. The AAP has notably gained ground in the state as India’s ruling National Congress faces crisis.

Details: Public hospitals at the same level as private establishments: Greetings from Kejriwal

Kejriwal made six guarantees before the next one Punjab elections. He said: “We will provide the best free treatment to every resident of Punjab in public hospitals. It will be at the same level as private establishments. Kejriwal also promised free medicine, tests and surgeries at public hospitals. “Even though surgery costs Rs. 10-20 lakh, it will be free in public hospitals,” Kejriwal said.

Promises: Health card for each person; ‘pind clinics’ in each village

Kejriwal further announced that everyone in the state would get a health card with all of their medical history. “He will have a patient’s medical history so that one does not need to carry all the reports,” he added. Following the Delhi model “mohalla clinics“said Kejriwal,” pind clinics “will be established in every village in Punjab.

Fact: There will be 16,000 clinics and service clinics: Kejriwal

Delhi’s “world famous mohalla clinics” will be replicated in Punjab through pind clinics and service clinics. “Pind clinics in every village in Punjab and neighborhood clinics in towns will be opened. There will be around 16,000, ”he said.

Kejriwal: What else did Kejriwal promise?

Another guarantee promised by Kejriwal is a complete overhaul of existing public hospitals. “All existing public hospitals in Punjab will be redeveloped, renovated, air-conditioned and modernized like private establishments. New public hospitals will also be set up, ”said Kejriwal. He also promised that free treatment would be provided to road accident victims once admitted to the nearest hospital.

Past: Earlier, Kejriwal promised 300 units of free electricity

As the first pre-election guarantee in Punjab, Kejriwal had promised 300 units of free electricity and an uninterrupted 24/7 supply in the event of a power vote. He also promised a lifting of the backlog of outstanding electricity bills and the reestablishment of electrical connections. The promises of free electricity and bill exemption will be enacted immediately after the election, but ensuring a 24-hour supply will take two to three years, he said.

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