Financing a project in the French overseas departments thanks to the purchase of loan

The problems of project financing of resident individuals in the French overseas departments are only very rarely addressed on specialized websites and blogs. However, in Outre Mer as well as in metropolitan France, households regularly need cash to finance a new purchase and, like what is observed on the scale of the metropolis, it is common for them to have need while they are already paying off one or more loans.

How confidently consolidate its loans in the DOM?

The debt consolidation loan can be an excellent solution to these issues, provided it is undertaken by an organization both competent and serious, ideally an intermediary.

takeover of dom tom credit An Intermediate in Banking Operations (BIO), or broker, will be better placed than an individual acting alone to proceed with the consolidation of its loans. That latter is undertaken to allow the financing of a new project, reduce the weight of your monthly payments or take advantage of the lower rates to reduce its debt, the operation actually requires a thorough knowledge of banking mechanisms.

In making an individual and personalized study of the financial and social situation of its customers, take an intermediate knowledge of the real purpose of the operation, the conditions under which the loans were subscribed group and calculate their repayment capacity. After this study, it will be possible to him to establish a personalized financial plan for each of them.

It is therefore crucial that a relationship of trust can be established between a client and his intermediary. When you live in the DOM, find the actor with which to develop such a relationship is not always easy because it requires a certain closeness that very few local actors can make.

Partnerships it has with these institutions allow it to benefit from exclusive financial products

Through its presence in Reunion Island and close to the headquarters of the main lenders in France, Rachatdom can provide this close to individuals that accompanies while showing a greater speed in processing their records . Indeed, the hand delivery of a financing plan for the debt consolidation professional is generating a substantial and significant time savings, particularly if the applicant is in a difficult situation.

Furthermore, the partnerships it has with these institutions allow it to benefit from exclusive financial products.

Finally, let us specify that an intermediary has a vocation of advice. It may in this context recommend to customers the establishment of an external insurance delegation if the latter is possible and integrate prepayment penalties of outstanding loans in its loan offer, which will help to optimize their maxiumum debt.

Some tips to avoid loan traps redemption

Although it is a common practice, redemption of loan is not without risk. In the interests of transparency, and especially to allow all people concerned overseas well be accompanied, Rachatdom offers on its website a series of articles with tips to better understand the complexity of the operation.

Among ceuxci must especially remember that the interest rate of an offer does not allow itself to assess its relevance. According to what we explained previously, consolidate two or more loans will necessarily involve the settlement of penalties which, added to other costs (insurance, brokerage …), can significantly impact the overall cost of the operation.

Also, we must be aware that debt consolidation is not an option to get out of debt. This is primarily a mode of financing and a possible way to regain financial stability.