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By Juliet Nalwooga

Ugandan Women’s Network (UWONET) rights activists have urged the government to repackage and market sex education to increase uptake before general schools reopen next year in January.

The government recently released a policy to guide all stakeholders in teaching sexuality education in educational institutions after rejecting a concept of comprehensive sexuality education that targeted schools as a recruiting ground for sex education. homosexuality and claimed that it undermined the values ​​of the country.

Speaking at the ongoing strategy forum on how best to implement international legislative frameworks on gender accountability, Suzan Acheng, a UWONET advocacy officer also noted that the 11th parliament is expected to enact the national health insurance bill to provide health care to the majority of women and children. who are the most vulnerable.

It comes amid rising cases of teenage pregnancies indicating the country may be facing an ‘epidemic’ of teenage pregnancies blamed on Covid -19-induced lockdowns that have stranded children at home away from home. school for months.

There are currently 7 days left for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, an annual international campaign to address violence against women and girls that begins from November 25 to December 10.

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Student Council Announces Pilot Medicare Scholarship Program, Condemns University of Virginia’s Complacency at 2017 White Supremacy Rally – The Cavalier Daily https://swtorsave.com/student-council-announces-pilot-medicare-scholarship-program-condemns-university-of-virginias-complacency-at-2017-white-supremacy-rally-the-cavalier-daily/ Fri, 03 Dec 2021 05:25:46 +0000 https://swtorsave.com/student-council-announces-pilot-medicare-scholarship-program-condemns-university-of-virginias-complacency-at-2017-white-supremacy-rally-the-cavalier-daily/

The student council passed a law condemning the university’s role in the Unite the Right rally on August 11-12, 2017 and created an ad hoc fundraising committee at its general assembly on Tuesday. The representative body also introduced a bill to modify its fall budget.

Student Council Announces Successful Insurance Subsidy Negotiations

Abel Liu, chairman of the Student Council and fourth-year college student, announced that the Student Council’s continued lobbying efforts for health insurance grants for low-income students have been successful. According to a statement released Thursday evening by the Student Council’s executive council, the university will launch a four-year pilot program for the Aetna student health plan. The program will provide grants to approximately 270 to 320 uninsured undergraduate students from low-income households, with an estimated initial cost of up to $ 1 million per year starting in fall 2022.

“This approved policy has extraordinary implications,” said the board of directors. “Low-income undergraduates will no longer be forced to bypass the University’s insurance requirement as a tragic financial necessity. For the first time ever, all undergraduates at the University will truly have the security and dignity to be assured. “

The Student Council advocated for the grants in conjunction with Political Latinxs United for Movement and Action in Society at the University. The efforts included a formal resolution calling for part of the university’s proposed tuition increase to subsidize insurance grants and direct meetings with University President Jim Ryan and Provost Liz Magill.

“It’s definitely a huge victory,” Liu said. “All low-income students will now have insurance and no low-income student will graduate with $ 13,000 in insurance [loans]. “

The program aims to reduce the financial challenges posed by the University’s requirement that all students not enrolled in health insurance pay for the University’s Aetna Student Plan, which cost $ 3,148 this year.

“The Student Council is proud to announce the conclusion of these negotiations, but will continue to push for the implementation of a permanent and expanded insurance scholarship program,” the board said.

Representative body condemns lack of support for survivors of 11-12 August 2017

During the legislative session, the representative body unanimously adopted FR 21-24, a resolution that condemned the University’s lack of support for the survivors of August 11 and 12, when several hundred white supremacists walked towards the Rotunda with torches. The next day, the Unite the Right rally killed 32-year-old Charlottesville resident, Heather Heyer, and injured 19 others. A civil lawsuit brought by nine plaintiffs recently ordered the rally organizers to pay more than $ 25 million in damages.

FR21-24 was sponsored by Liu, Representative Gabriela Hernandez, Representative Body Chairperson and Third Year Student, Representative Tichara Robertson, Second Year Student and President of External Affairs, Tyler Busch, Second Year Student and Chair community concerns, representing Christian Ephriam College sophomores, Batten third year representative Lara Arif and Hongjia Yang, college sophomore and international undergraduate representative.

The resolution calls on the university administration to respond to its complacency with the events by issuing a formal written apology to the parties involved and to donate $ 1 million directly to the plaintiffs of the civil lawsuit and to the survivors in general. Finally, the resolution also calls on the Student Council to donate a total of $ 700 to support complainants and other survivors and urges the student body to donate as well.

The legislation cites emails from Sullivan and the UPD indicating that the administration was aware of the roadmap as early as August 8. Hernandez said this shows that the administration was aware of the events days before they emerged, despite claims by the then university president. Teresa Sullivan. Sullivan had said the university did not know ahead of time that protesters would march on Grounds.

Hernandez also said there were inconsistencies in the University’s promotion of free speech in relation to these events and with expressions of free speech by marginalized students. Specifically, Hernandez referred to the new restrictions instituted on lawn room residents this year following controversial calls for the removal of resident signage last year.

“It’s frustrating how the University administration is defending these protests by citing the University’s commitment to free speech,” Hernandez said. “The university grants this freedom to people so that they can shout anti-Semitic and racist slurs. [at] people, but when marginalized students try to talk about and call out the wrongdoing of the University, they are silenced.

Hernandez acknowledged the statement university president Jim Ryan issued on November 24 in support of former students who came forward as plaintiffs in the lawsuit, but also called on Ryan to acknowledge that two of the defendants who had planned the rallies – Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler – were also alumni of the University.

Regarding the monetary compensation demanded by the resolution, Hernandez cited testimony from plaintiffs and survivors during the trial that highlighted the continuing financial, mental and emotional hardships survivors face as well as recent engagements. significant financial contributions taken by the University from other programs.

“One million is one percent of the $ 100 million budget needed for the newly founded democratic initiative,” Hernandez said. “Yes [the University] truly wants to embody its professed values ​​of democracy and fairness, we must support those who came out against hate from August 11-12.

Following a $ 50 million donation from alumni Martha and Bruce Karsh, the University is investing a total of $ 100 million to study, teach, and promote democracy through the establishment of the Karsh Institute of Democracy.

Liu also highlighted the implications of the university in acknowledging its contextual and historical role in the rally, noting that the university was one of the first universities in the South to fly the Confederate flag during the Civil War.

“There is a very deep history of the symbolism that emerged at the rally,” Liu said. “So I think beyond even the immediate action that has led to some of this violence on the part of the University, we need to recognize and make material repairs and start repairing the longer historical arc. of this [University] as a catalyst for the rally.

The Student Council creates an ad hoc fundraising campaign committee

The representative body also unanimously adopted FB 21-22, which established an ad hoc fundraising campaign committee that will support the creation of a $ 5 million endowment for the Support Services Directorate and access. The Support and Access Services branch was approved in a constitutional referendum in March 2019 and provides direct resources and services to students through grants and funding for needs including food and basic resources. , textbooks and mental health services.

“This branch supports students with material rights and resources that improve their quality of life in a way the University should support,” Liu said. “And as such, we should have substantial resources to support these services beyond the mere excess of tuition fees.”

The committee will be chaired by Liu, Cela Cain, vice president of administration and third year student at Batten, Jaden Evans, director of finance and third year college student, and Adrian Mamaril, third year business student and leader. support and access. Services. The committee will raise funds in conjunction with the University Advancement Office and fundraising teams.

Since its inception, Support and Access Services has provided over $ 100,000 in resources directly to students and an additional $ 100,000 in private support through its U.Va. Mutual Aid Program, which raises funds to directly help needy students at the University.

The representative body tables a bill amending the autumn budget

The representative body has tabled a bill that would have modified its fall budget and will instead be voted on at the body’s general assembly next Tuesday.

The bill proposes that the Student Council allocate $ 14,260 to three different initiatives: $ 2,500 in funding student activity fees for CIO consultants, $ 10,000 for the Diversity Engagement Agency and $ 1,760 for its AirBus service. The stipends will be funded using the Student Council’s Student Activity Fee Pool, which contains student activity fee income and the Student Council’s COVID deferral from 2020-2021.

“This budget amendment makes just a few changes to our fall 2021 budget, which was historic in size and nature,” Liu said. “He’s used hundreds of thousands of dollars in student activity fees for very important causes and we want to continue on that path by developing the few things that students care about the most.”

The Diversity Engagement Agency aims to support CIOs who support marginalized communities at the University. To date, the agency has distributed $ 11,000 in grants to CIOs who support marginalized students.

“We are proposing to increase that by an additional $ 10,000 tonight and our goal is really to close the gap in allocations and credits to non-marginalized CIOs and CIOs for marginalized students,” Liu said. “At present, the results of the distribution of funds are not equitable. “

Funding for CIO Consultants will support an initiative to make the Spring Activities Fair free for all participating CIOs. The Spring 2022 Activities Fair is currently scheduled for Friday, January 28 at Newcomb Hall, and registration currently costs $ 20 per half-table.

The proposed allocation of $ 1,760 for Airbus service will support the expansion of the bus fleet for winter vacation transportation. Airbus is a Student Council initiative that provides low cost transportation from the University to Dulles International Airport and Richmond International Airport. The service previously provided transportation for 400 students during the Thanksgiving holiday.

In an update from the executive to the board, Mamaril said the service still has around 60 tickets for transport to Dulles for December 12, but there are currently no tickets left for the 17. December. There are still tickets available for transportation to Richmond.

Student council meetings are held every Tuesday in the south meeting room of Newcomb Hall and students can attend in person or virtually. Next week will be the last regular meeting of the semester.

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Homeowner Loans, Grants Offered In Burnsville | Burnsville https://swtorsave.com/homeowner-loans-grants-offered-in-burnsville-burnsville/ Fri, 03 Dec 2021 01:55:00 +0000 https://swtorsave.com/homeowner-loans-grants-offered-in-burnsville-burnsville/

Eligibility, rates would reflect economic need

The proposed new housing programs in Burnsville would provide eligible homeowners with cash grants for home repairs, loans for maintenance and improvement projects, and loans to seniors for maintenance and improvement projects.

Grants would range from $ 50 to $ 2,000 to help homeowners repair minor property code violations. Homeowners would be responsible for half the cost under the program, called Code Cash.

The Home Enhancement Loan Program (HELP) would provide loans of up to $ 50,000 for interior or exterior improvements, maintenance or renovations. Homeowners could take up to 15 years to repay the loans.

The deferred senior loan program would provide up to $ 15,000 for interior or exterior improvements, with repayment deferred until the home is sold or is no longer owner-occupied as a primary residence.

The city-funded programs would meet the housing goal of Burnsville’s Strategic Economic Development and Redevelopment Plan, which city council approved in 2018. The City’s Economic Development Commission, which helped draft the plan and recommended new housing programs, considered the proposals. at its meeting on November 10.

The board review is scheduled for December 14, with a vote for adoption in late January or early February. The funds to start the programs are included in the 2022 draft budget.

“These programs are exceptional,” said Commissioner Jeff LaFavre. “We’ve been talking about this stuff for a while. Congratulations to the administration for setting it up.

The programs are intended to address home repair needs that exceed the city’s annual allocation of federal block grants for community development funds administered by Dakota County, said director of community development, Jenni Faulkner.

“There is a long waiting list for this program, which tells us that there is a need in the community for these types of housing programs,” she said.

The HELP program would charge interest rates of 1% to 3% based on homeowners’ income relative to the region’s median income. The senior loan program would include an income cap equal to or less than the MAI for eligibility. The loans would be interest free.

Code cash grants would be reserved for homeowners who violate the property maintenance code who meet two of three conditions: socioeconomic disadvantage confirmed in an owner’s statement, age 65 or more, or a disability, and a risk to life or safety based on the breach.

Eligible projects would range from upgrading smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to repairing or replacing roofs, doors and windows.

“We spend quite a bit of time enforcing the code, and we’d rather spend that time helping people improve their homes or helping them fix the problem, rather than sending an inspector two or three times, sending them over. in court, especially for small things that don’t cost much, ”Faulkner said.

Requiring owners to pay half could act as an incentive to avoid future violations, which can range from poor handrails to dead trees and dilapidated accessory structures, Faulkner said.

“I know we had a situation a few years ago where someone’s roof was practically collapsed,” she said. “They had poor credit, they were seniors, so they had a fixed income and all the equity they had was in their house, but they weren’t eligible for a loan anywhere. “

The HELP program would establish a revolving loan fund for projects such as home expansions and renovations, roofing replacements, garage additions or expansions, foundation repairs and insulation.

A number of northern metropolitan cities have such programs, city planner Sarah Madden said, citing Coon Rapids.

“Their program has been incredibly successful and funded by their city council for over 10 years, and they’ve been able to distribute an average of almost $ 400,000 per year to homeowners in their community,” Madden said.

Burnsville’s proposed loan limit of $ 50,000 “is on the upper end of what other programs offer,” she said. Multiple loans can be authorized if the balance does not exceed the limit. The loans would be issued through a third party service.

According to the proposal, the ratio of all secured loans to the property, including the new loan, could not exceed 100% of the value of the property. A homeowner’s debt-to-income ratio could not exceed 43%.

The loans would be “secured by a mortgage in favor of the city,” a report from city staff said.

“It will be a first come, first served program,” Madden said.

The proposal has no income limit for eligibility “but would provide a higher interest rate for those with incomes 150% above the region’s median income,” the report said.

The Senior Deferred Loan Program is for homeowners who are 66 years of age or older and whose income is equal to or less than the region’s median income. It would provide up to $ 15,000 for interior or exterior upgrades, “but the city may request a third-party home visit to assess projects and determine any life / health / safety projects that may require prioritization in. part of the loan program, ”the report said. . “Recreational improvements or funds intended to repay existing loans or equity are not eligible. A third would administer the loans.

The council has already set aside $ 200,000 for housing programs, Faulkner said. The city could also tap into nearly $ 1 million in funds to fund unallocated tax increases and $ 500,000 from other unallocated funds, she said. The city’s share of federal aid related to COVID-19 through the US federal bailout is another potential source.

“We have $ 2 million that the board did not allocate out of our $ 8 million allocation,” Faulkner said. “We can’t use it for a loan program, but we can use it for a grant program.”

The commissioners came up with some ideas for tightening up programs to help them stay solvent.

“I think one of the things you are probably hearing from across the commission tonight is that we really want to make these programs sustainable so that they can keep happening on the road,” LaFavre said. “And if we just give the money, it won’t be possible.”

Rental properties would not be eligible for the programs.

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After disappointing third quarter, Bright Health relies on healthcare services https://swtorsave.com/after-disappointing-third-quarter-bright-health-relies-on-healthcare-services/ Wed, 01 Dec 2021 21:28:34 +0000 https://swtorsave.com/after-disappointing-third-quarter-bright-health-relies-on-healthcare-services/

Bright Health Group expects its investment in value-based primary care clinics to generate $ 2 billion in revenue for its health services arm in 2022, an increase of 66.7% from 1 , $ 2 billion previously forecast, the company said in a press release Tuesday.

NeueHealth attributed the increase in revenue to new members earned through its insurance arm, other enrolled payers, and beneficiaries managed under the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Direct Contracting program, which places the responsibility on private entities. manage care for traditional Medicare patients.

CMS’s decision to block new applicants from signing up for the direct contract earlier this year gave a boost to existing groups approved to manage patient risk like NeueHealth, said Dan O’Neill, consultant in healthcare and business manager of Pine Park Health, which provides personal clinical services to senior service communities.

The company’s focus on creating new clinics rather than acquiring existing groups represents a strategic shift on the part of insurtech, and an awareness that management service organizations offer for direct contracting entities is not a viable long-term growth movement, he said. The company plans to build at least 25 new clinics in Florida, Texas and North Carolina this year and operate more than 70 clinics by early 2022. NeueHealth has been unable to meet demand for maintenance on time.

“NeueHealth is becoming more and more of a provider. It’s a more difficult and slower growth path,” O’Neill said. “If they can do it, though, it’s more of a value creation path than a pure MSO. Because sooner or later everyone looks at MSOs like, ‘Why are you here? Why are you even at the table? You’re trying to take a slice of the economy and you’re not doing much. ‘”

The announcement follows the disappointing performance of Bright Health Group in the third quarter, after insurtech’s medical claims ratio reached 103%, the highest among other insurance startups Clover Health, Oscar Health and Alignment Healthcare . The company blamed its inability to manage medical costs on an increase in COVID-19-related claims and an inability to accurately measure the risk of new registrants gained during the special registration period. Bright Health’s revenue grew 206.3% year-on-year to $ 1 billion in the third quarter, while its net loss widened 400.7% year-on-year to $ 296.7 million .

In addition to a disappointing performance in the third quarter, investors had also questioned the weak earnings outlook provided by NeueHealth in the second quarter of 2021, said Jeff Garro, senior equity research analyst at Piper Sandler. The updated forecast will be a welcome surprise to investors ahead of the company’s analyst day next week, he said.

“They could turn a new leaf in terms of meeting and exceeding expectations,” Garro said.

By updating the revenue forecast for its tech services arm, Bright Health Group may also be looking to raise its stock price, which hit a record high of $ 3.26 on Tuesday, noted Ari Gottlieb, director at A2. Strategy Group. Bright Health went public at $ 16.64 per share in June, raising $ 924 million on a valuation of $ 12 billion, which was the largest IPO among health insurance startups that went public this past. year.

Investing in value-based clinics that help Bright Healthcare manage the health of their individual members could be a good business decision, if the insurer finds a way to keep its medical costs under control, Gottlieb said. The strategy reminds Gottlieb Harken Health of the now closed partnership between UnitedHealthcare and Iora Health. The primary care insurance business closed in 2017 due to the unprofitable nature of the Affordable Care Act trading at the time, Gottlieb said. Four years later, exchanges have become one of the most profitable insurance products and a significant part of Bright Health’s 890,899 registrants.

Bright Health was launched in 2017 by former executives of the UnitedHealth Group.

“You have to ask yourself if they are going to be forced into a clearance sale where they have to sell the NeueHealth business to raise capital to fund the health plan bonds,” Gottlieb said. “Bright has options. They might sell this asset because they are in dire need of capital, and it can be difficult to raise capital when their stocks are down.”

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Down payment vs student loans: where to put your money https://swtorsave.com/down-payment-vs-student-loans-where-to-put-your-money/ Wed, 01 Dec 2021 16:41:15 +0000 https://swtorsave.com/down-payment-vs-student-loans-where-to-put-your-money/

You have student loan debt. You would like to buy a house. Is it better to pay off student loans before you start saving for a down payment on the home?

This is a common question for American buyers. On the one hand, paying off your student loans before saving for a down payment could qualify you for a larger mortgage because you will have less debt. It might also give you the psychological advantage of knowing that you are officially excluded from these college loans.

On the other hand, waiting to start saving for housing means being locked out longer as a tenant. Plus, home prices, already high in most of the United States, will have time to rise further before you’re ready to buy.

It’s no secret that student debt can be a barrier to achieving other financial goals. A recent National Association of Realtors study found that first-time homebuyers struggled to put down a down payment, nearly half said student debt held them back in saving for a home.

Saving for a down payment is already taking longer now than before the pandemic. It is already taking longer to save a down payment now than before the pandemic. According to an analysis by home-buying startup Tomo, in August, a first-time home buyer would need about seven years and 11 months to save a 20% down payment on a mid-priced home. In January 2020, the same buyer would have needed seven years and a month.

It is not just a pandemic trend. The time required to save for a down payment has also increased over the past 20 years. In June 2001, the average first-time home buyer needed about six years to save on a 20% down payment.

Pair this growing challenge with rising average student debt and longer loan repayment terms, and you’ve got a perfect storm of competing financial challenges: prioritize paying off student debt or saving for a down payment? To find out what’s right for you, answer these three questions:

What are your other financial priorities?

Can you buy a house before you pay off your student loans? The answer, according to many financial planners, is “it depends”. Everyone says that a bad student loan balance doesn’t have to kill your dreams of home ownership.

But the decision to focus on saving for a home before paying off your student loans is a decision you should make in the context of your total financial life. Two to three financial goals is the most everyone can work on at the same time, says Kristi Sullivan, a financial planner from Denver, so make sure you’ve built a solid financial foundation before you start saving for a home.

You will want to pay off any credit card debt. This debt almost certainly carries a higher interest rate than your student loans or a mortgage, so pay it off first.

Build an emergency fund, which should contain about six months of your basic expenses. This money could help you get through a period of unemployment, write off an unexpected expense, or even help you take advantage of a sudden opportunity. Put the money in a savings account or certificate of deposit where you know you can easily access it if needed.

Finally, start or continue saving for retirement. The more you can set aside while you’re young, the more years your investments will have to take advantage of the multiplier power of compound interest. You should at least save an amount that allows you to take full advantage of your employer’s matching funds, if offered. It’s free money and gives you a 100% rate of return, even if it never earns another dime.

How much debt do you have and how much is it costing you?

Once you have secured a solid financial foundation, you need to weigh the details of your student debt balance.

In the United States, the average borrower owes about $ 29,000 on bachelor’s student loan debt, that number jumps to $ 66,000 for master’s degrees in general, and it rises to $ 145,500 for law school. , $ 202,400 for degrees in health sciences like dentistry and pharmacy and a whopping $ 246,000 for medical school, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. From bottom to top, it’s a difference of $ 217,000.

Interest rates on student debt also vary. The rates on federally guaranteed debt for undergraduate degrees are the lowest and range from 2.75% to 4.66%, depending on the year you took them out. Graduate debt bears interest between 5.3% and 6.6%, and PLUS loans can be as high as 7.6%. Interest rates on private loans are generally higher, ranging from 3.34% to 12.99%.

Where your debt falls within these ranges will help you determine the best option for you. A difference of a few percentage points in your interest rate is a lot of money over a period of several years. For example, at 3%, a total loan of $ 29,000 would cost you $ 4,860 in interest over 10 years, while a loan balance of $ 246,000 would cost $ 39,050.

But at 5%, the amount you spend on interest drops to $ 7,900 on the smaller balance and $ 67,100 on the larger.

Simply put: if your interest rate is low, it’s easier to pay the minimum on your student debt while putting more money into your down payment. But the more you owe and the higher your interest rate, the better off you pay off the balance before the due date, even if that means it will take you longer to save a down payment.

Ads by money. We may be compensated if you click on this ad.A d

Refinancing your student loan could allow you to pay off your student loan debt sooner.

Lower your interest rate or lower your monthly payment.

Refinance my student loan

Can you afford a house?

A faster repayment plan means you’ll pay less interest, but that might also be what you need to do to qualify for a mortgage.

If your student loan balance is high relative to your salary, your debt-to-income ratio may be too high to qualify for a mortgage, even if you’ve spent years saving for a down payment. In that case, a lender will make that decision for you: You can’t buy a house without paying off your student loans, Sullivan points out.

Mortgage lenders generally prefer borrowers with a debt-to-income ratio of 36% or less. You can be approved if your ratio is higher, but probably with a higher mortgage interest rate. (To calculate your ratio, use Money debt ratio calculator.)

Keep in mind that when you buy a home you will have more freedom than you have as a tenant, but you will also take a greater risk. When you own a home, you have to pay for insurance, taxes, utilities, and what can seem like endless maintenance expenses. This can include everything from cleaning gutters to installing a new roof. With your other time commitments and expenses, including your student loan payments, can you afford to buy a seat and take good care of it?

“A home is important and it shouldn’t be taken lightly,” says Logan Murray, a financial planner in Tempe, Arizona. But, he adds, “You still don’t need to let student loans rule your life.”

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7 tips for getting a mortgage when you have a student loan

A housing economist did the math on how long it takes to save for a down payment – and that’s not pretty

How to prepare for the next student loan repayment

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How to encourage employees to use mental health benefits https://swtorsave.com/how-to-encourage-employees-to-use-mental-health-benefits/ Wed, 01 Dec 2021 00:39:09 +0000 https://swtorsave.com/how-to-encourage-employees-to-use-mental-health-benefits/

Employers can do better when it comes to educating employees on the use of the mental health resources available to them – a message that is especially important given the increased stress employees face as a result of the pandemic. persistent COVID-19, according to human resources advisers.

As employees choose their benefits for the upcoming year during enrollment season and take time to reflect on the year ahead during the vacation, they can be receptive to communication about health benefits. mental underutilized.

Demystifying the EAP offers

Communicating about the benefits offered and how they can be used is the first step, ”said Kara Hoogensen, senior vice president of specialty benefits at Principal, a global financial investment management and insurance company.

Employers can highlight how Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) work by providing examples of the types of support EAPs offer and the value they can provide, as well as describing how they can be used, including she declared.

“Often, employees think that these services are only available for crisis situations,” noted Hoogensen. “However, the benefits of the EAP can help employees overcome stress and anxiety related to general concerns they face, such as work / life balance, bill payment, or health issues. It is also important to emphasize the confidential nature of mental health programs accessible through an EAP so that employees feel more comfortable using them. ”

Despite growing concerns about mental health and increased interest in mental health resources, EAPs remain unrecognized by many employees.

“Some don’t even know they have access to these benefits,” Hoogensen said. “Communicating often about EAPs and other benefits, whether through digital and mobile channels, or otherwise, keeps the conversation going. Keeping an ongoing boost on employee sentiment through surveys and one-on-one meetings with managers is also helpful. “

Retain workers

Mercer’s HR Consulting
Health on demand
The report, based on a global survey of 14,000 employees earlier this year, shows that:

  • 42% of employees with access to mental health benefits said they were more likely to stay in their current organization than if they did not have these resources.
  • 44 percent of those without access to mental health benefits said they did not feel supported by their employers.

In the United States, where 2,000 workers were interviewed:

  • 59% of employees said they felt some level of stress, and a quarter said they were highly or extremely stressed, the highest percentage among the 13 countries included in the survey.
  • 48 percent of employees rated employer support for mental health as very or extremely valuable.
  • However, 40 percent of employees said it is difficult to find and access quality mental health care. Among the low-paid, that number rises to 47 percent.

The ability to virtually access mental health care, including virtual visits with a counselor or therapist and digital support tools and resources, has become a valuable option for many employees, Mercer reported.

“With significant shifts in attitudes towards the sustainability of mental health and digital health care over the past year, employers need to evolve their health strategy to reflect a modern workforce that values ​​flexibility. , choice, a caring culture and digital access to support their health and well-being. “said Kate Brown, director of the Mercer’s Center for Health Innovation.

Prevailing conditions

In another mental health survey, 91% of a total of 421 award professionals in large North American organizations said mental health issues and substance use disorders among workers had increased over the course of time. the pandemic.

These findings were reported by the International Foundation for Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) in its
Mental health and substance use disorder benefits: 2021 survey results report.

“Mental wellness was a big challenge before the COVID-19 pandemic, and concern is only growing as our worker populations face the continuing unknowns of the pandemic,” said Julie Stich, CEBS, vice -President of content at IFEBP. “Employers are striving to connect effectively and deliver benefits to employees, ranging from offering more digital tools and facilitating peer support groups to expanding training initiatives in mental health crisis. ”

Specific mental health benefits that are growing in popularity include access to online resources and tools (offered by 87% of respondents) and telepsychiatry treatment sessions (72%).

When asked about the prevalence of several mental disorders / substance use disorders, the top five problems (either “very” or “prevalent”) reported by employers, based on aggregate data, were:

  • Depression (52 percent).
  • Anxiety disorders (49 percent).
  • Sleep deprivation and sleep disturbances (32 percent).
  • Attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (23%).
  • Alcohol addiction (17 percent).

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Parity in mental health: don’t be left behind by the cold,
SHRM online, December 2021

Support mental health in the post-pandemic workplace, SHRM online, May 2021

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New research highlights children’s health benefits in Build Back Better https://swtorsave.com/new-research-highlights-childrens-health-benefits-in-build-back-better/ Tue, 30 Nov 2021 14:34:00 +0000 https://swtorsave.com/new-research-highlights-childrens-health-benefits-in-build-back-better/

Click to enlarge

  • (Rido / Adobe Stock)
  • Without health coverage, children are more likely to have unmet health needs and a regular source of care.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Health advocates are pushing the US Senate to approve the Build Back Better Act because it would improve Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

The bill has already obtained the approval of the House. It would provide 12 months of continuous coverage to children eligible for Medicaid.

Joan Alker, executive director of the Center for Children and Families, co-authored a new memoir, which showed that in Trump’s early years, one in ten children experienced a coverage gap within 12 months.

“After seeing this disturbing reversal in the progress we had made as a country to reduce the number of uninsured children – which stopped in 2017 and started to go in the wrong direction – the Rebuild Bill better was going to be a real game-changer and start moving the country in the right direction, ”Alker said.

The rate of children without health insurance in Ohio increased by one percentage point between 2016 and 2019 to 4.8%. Opponents say the $ 2,000 billion Build Back Better Act is too expensive. The bill would also fund CHIP on a permanent basis, so it wouldn’t have to be renewed every few years.

In Ohio, children in families of three earning about $ 46,000 a year or less are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP coverage.

Kelly Vyzral, senior health policy associate for the Ohio Children’s Advocacy Fund, explained that the Build Back Better Act would streamline the application process by permanently extending eligibility to Express Lane, which allows states to use information from other public assistance programs.

“If someone were to apply for SNAP, they have to go to one site. If they want to apply for WIC, they go to another site. If they want Medicaid, they have to go to a site. other site, ”Vyzral explained. “So just putting all of these things together makes it easier for families to access these programs.”

Ohio recently extended postpartum care to 12 months, and it would become permanent if Build Back Better became law. Vyzral added that he would also take a team approach to maternal health.

“It provides resources and those connections to health care for pregnant women,” Vyzral said. “And that puts in the picture the community workers, doulas, behavioral health specialists, social workers and others who have helped this mother to feel comfortable, to feel protected, to feel safe. feel taken care of. ”

The latest data shows that 938 infants in Ohio died before their first birthday in 2018, a rate of nearly 7%.

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University health services offer additional flu clinic on November 30 https://swtorsave.com/university-health-services-offer-additional-flu-clinic-on-november-30/ Mon, 29 Nov 2021 14:47:58 +0000 https://swtorsave.com/university-health-services-offer-additional-flu-clinic-on-november-30/

Penn State University Health Services offers students another opportunity to get a flu shot with a internal clinic from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesday November 30.

The clinic will be housed at the Student Health Center on Bigler Road. Shots are available by appointment only and can be scheduled via myUHS.

Students are encouraged to upload their health insurance information to myUHS and complete a handful of forms before their appointment. Your Penn State ID will also be required at the time of your shot.

“The flu shot is safe, effective and generally well covered by insurance,” said UHS Acting Medical Director Rebecca Simcik. “Most flu medications only improve symptoms for a day, so people can still feel very sick despite taking flu medications. The flu shot is your best line of defense.

Penn State said 179 cases of influenza A were confirmed at University Park between Oct. 28 and Nov. 17. The strain on campus, A H3N3, was added to the vaccine administered by UHS ahead of this year’s flu season.

The Nov. 30 clinic will be the fifth of the year at Penn State. This is the first clinic to take place in-house, the previous four having taken place at the HUB.

Please choose an option below.

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Ryan is a senior business and journalism graduate from “Philadelphia” and is the social media manager for Onward State. He writes about a lot of things including football and the hoop. If you really don’t want to win anything, you can follow him on Twitter @ rjparsons9. Say hello by email to [email protected]

A Reddit user was recently pissed off by a strange appearance of a Penn State ad on his screen.

A Reddit user was recently pissed off by a strange appearance of a Penn State ad on his screen.

From unintentional uniform camouflage to a sad farewell to the Land-Grant Trophy, Saturday’s game had a lot to do.

Following its selection, Penn State remains the only team to appear in every NCAA tournament.

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Loans could be the only alternative to run Mamata’s social programs https://swtorsave.com/loans-could-be-the-only-alternative-to-run-mamatas-social-programs/ Sun, 28 Nov 2021 03:29:15 +0000 https://swtorsave.com/loans-could-be-the-only-alternative-to-run-mamatas-social-programs/

At a time when state revenues have not grown much, borrowing in the market may be the only viable alternative for Mamata Banerjee’s government to manage social programs like Swasthya Sathi Where Lakshmir Bhandar announced by the Prime Minister before the legislative elections.

Financial experts are of the opinion that at present it is not difficult to manage these programs by taking loans in the market, but if the government cannot improve its income structure in the years to come, then in the long run, it would become impossible for the government to give these social benefit schemes a permanent status.

Also read: Day after Left Front, Congress announces 66 names for Kolkata civic polls

After coming to power for the third time, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced two big plans: Lakshmir Bhandar and Swasthya Sathi for all – which requires a huge financial implication. Lakhmir Bhandar is a project where the state is supposed to give Rs 1000 to women belonging to SC / ST / OBC and Rs 500 to women belonging to the general caste. The government has allocated a budget of around Rs 12,900 crore for around 1.8 crore of women who have so far enrolled in the program.

Initially, the government estimated that nearly 2 crore of beneficiaries would enroll in the program. Lakshmir Bhandar project, but so far the government has received 1.63 crore of applications of which 1.52 crore have been approved. Almost 7 lakh requests were canceled. The government has spent over Rs 800 crore on the project and, according to the figure that the finance department estimates that the state government will have to shell out another Rs 5,600 crore, which could, in turn, lead to a staggering number over a full exercise. .

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Against Ayushman Bharat of the Center, the state launched its own program, Swasthya Sathi Prokolpo where some state residents received annual medical coverage of Rs 5 lakh. After coming to power in 2021, the prime minister opened Swasthya Sathi for all residents resulting in a jump in spending. Even a year ago the estimated budget for this project was around Rs 925 crore, this year the allocation hit Rs 2000 crore per year.

Financial officers are of the opinion that for these projects alone, the state government will have to spend around Rs 18,000 crore over a full fiscal year. Interestingly, for fiscal year 2021-22, the state government is seeking additional market borrowing of around Rs 17,602 crore compared to fiscal year 2020-21, which is a strong indication that this could meet the financial requirements of these social schemes.

Just before preparing the budget, the finance ministry asked various ministries to be careful with their spending. Financial watchers believe it will be difficult for the state government to maintain the traditional “balance” this time around. There are many other projects that the government will need to consider as the Trinamool Congress came to power through the successful implementation of these plans.

Read also | Trinamool Congress will be an effective opposition party: Mukul Sangma

Apart from Lakshmir Bhandar, Swasthya Sathi, huge expenses have to be incurred for projects such as Krishakbandhu (Rs 3,700 crore), the education loan card (Rs 250 crore), the door-to-door ration (Rs 1,200 crore) and the free ration (Rs 1,400 crore). In addition, the government will have to keep Rs 63,600 crore to pay interest on its loans and another Rs 70,431 crore for payment to employees and pensioners.

It will be interesting to see how the budget – the first after coming to power for the third time – expected in the next three months, negotiates this huge financial burden on the public purse.

Watch the latest DH videos here:

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