CS Approves Revised Health Benefit Package for COVID Complications

JAMMU: Chief Secretary Dr Arun Kumar Mehta today chaired the 4th Ayushman Bharat Board Meeting.

Administrative secretaries of the departments of the Department of Health and Medical Education, Housing and Urban Development, General Administration, Labor and Employment, Information Technology, as well as the Director of National Health Mission, Director, SKIMS, Principal GMC, Srinagar / Jammu / Bemina, representatives from National Health Authority (NHA) and relevant leaders attended the meeting.

He was informed that the existing contract between the National Health Agency and Bajaj Allianz GIC will expire on December 25, 2021 and new tenders for the hiring of a new insurer will be launched soon.

The Chief Secretary ordered the immediate launch of the tendering process to ensure the continuation of the benefits of free and cashless health care under the Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna (PM-JAY) programs and SEHAT beyond the expiration date of the existing agreement.

In view of the revised population estimates, the Chief Secretary approved the Department of Health and Medical Education’s proposal to switch from the existing SECC 2011 database to the latest data under the National Security Act. food (NFSA), on the recommendation of the national health authority.

In addition, the Chief Secretary approved the adoption of a modified health benefit package to include treatment of complications related to COVID. Dr Mehta also advised the Ministry to ask the NHA to consider including targeted therapies and immunomodulators in medical oncology and multiple inflammatory syndrome in children, in the revised health benefits package.

Regarding the financial progress made so far under the program, the ministry has been requested to have all finance ministry expenditure audited to ensure accountability and transparency of financial transactions. In addition, it has also been requested to appoint auditors for this purpose from the list compiled by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

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