Conditions and pitfalls for health benefits in kind ATHENS 9.84

Uninsured divorced spouses must meet three conditions in order to receive EOPYY health benefits in kind, available to them at the time of the dissolution of the marriage.

According to a circular from the Ministry of Labor, the uninsured / divorced / spouse can retain the insured right to sickness benefits in kind from EOPPY. who had at the time of the dissolution of the marriage, in the institution, sector, branch or account which joined the EFKA, that the other spouse was insured for sickness benefits, provided that the following conditions are fulfilled:

(a) the marriage has been dissolved after the age of 25;
b) has no other right to direct or indirect insurance for sickness benefits from any insurance fund;
c) submit a request to maintain the right to sickness benefits in kind within one year from the date of issue of the final divorce decision


-The insurance and the obligation to pay insurance contributions take effect from the date of filing of the request.

-To receive sickness benefits in kind, the divorced spouse pays a monthly health insurance contribution to e-EFKA at the rate of 6.45% of the amount corresponding to the respective base salary of a single employee.

Therefore, from 13.09.2017 to 31.01.2019, a monthly contribution is paid on the amount of € 586.08, from 01.02.2019 on the amount of € 650.00 and from 01.01.2022 on the amount from € 663.00.
-In the event of late payment of the contribution, the costs provided for by the legislation in force are debited.

Stop – End

The termination / expiration of the optional insurance occurs:

By submitting a written statement from the beneficiary that they do not want the insurance to continue. In this case, the termination or expiration of the insurance takes place from the first of the month following the filing of the request.
– by taking up a job or activity or by acquiring the status of insured in e-EFKA, which entails the direct insurance of the spouse or the possibility of insuring him as insured indirectly in another way or with the departure of the spouse of e-EFKA or another establishment except e-EFKA, which gives access to health care
– on the death of the divorcee
– by celebrating a marriage regardless of whether or not there is insurance cover for sickness benefits in kind, the applicant being required to remain “divorced”


The loss of the right to sue the insurance occurs due to a delay in the payment of the monthly insurance contribution of more than two years (or the loss of the debt payment device in installments beyond one month from the date on which it became due).

If the insured person divorces again in the future from another marriage or cohabitation agreement and meets the requirements of the law, he or she can clearly become a beneficiary again. However, this is not a return to the old optional insurance that he lost, but a new request to register for the settlement.

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