BeneBee is Jason Zuccari’s latest innovative app for comprehensive health benefit resource management

When employees are looking for a new job, health insurance comes next to pay in finding the right job. The costs associated with medical insurance coverage can cause significant monetary problems. Therefore, identifying an employer-provided insurance plan can ensure the safety and security of these costs. While employees and employers alike want to find a viable health insurance plan, it is often more difficult than it looks.

Businesses of all sizes face an uphill battle when looking for sufficient health insurance at a low price. Jason Zuccari is the Vice President of Business Development for Hamilton Insurance Agency, he takes the time out of his busy schedule to provide his professional advice on finding an insurance plan that will leave employees and employers happy. Zuccari says that finding suitable insurance that does not affect a company’s bottom line can be a tedious process, despite the fact that some companies are able to strike a balance, other issues can arise, including the difficulty of the process. integration and registration of employees. BeneBee is a mobile application that contains all of the components required by employees and employers to understand important details of insurance and health coverage. BeneBee includes: company-specific manuals focused on your brand, on-demand customer service, 24/7 telemedicine, a virtual insurance card for each user, and a step-by-step tutorial for them. enroll in insurance programs. Employees often feel emotions at the polar end of the spectrum when they hear the term “open enrollment”. They feel relieved and happy to know that help is on the way for health care costs, but they start to feel a sense of panic when they try to figure out how much to pay for deductibles, copayments, etc. the services covered, etc. BeneBee takes away any anxiety. employees can feel during this time by guiding them through the registration process every step of the way, while providing instructional videos with more in-depth support. In the event of an administrative issue, on-demand service representatives can handle any issue. Zuccari points out that employees and employers want the same from health insurance, great coverage at a low cost.

BeneLink Connect is a great resource provided by BeneBee and Hamilton Insurance, helping employers navigate the entire registration process from start to finish. BeneLink does all of the heavy lifting, from collecting employee data to auditing invoices. It also handles employee onboarding, billing, invoicing, logistics management, ensuring ACA compliance, as well as necessary IRS reporting. Zuccari is confident that BeneBee will bring together comprehensive insurance resources in one place for employers and employees.

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